Yoga in Tempe, Yoga 111 West

We are an independent yoga company with a focus on the practical benefits of modern yoga in the western world. The style of each class may vary per instructor background.

Our formats include mixed-level Yoga, Yoga Flow, and Gentle Yoga a slower paced class, suitable for beginners, seniors, or those with past injuries or health concerns. We also offer a unique format balance and strength Yoga class called On the Ball, and the popular dance fitness class Zumba®!


Our Yoga class is most closely associated with a Hatha Yoga class. We will focus on breathwork, alignment, and technique. This is a mixed-level yoga class, meaning it is as appropriate for a beginner as it is for a seasoned Yogi. Variations and modifications will be explained and demonstrated for most poses, allowing you to practice in the manner most appropriate for you. Classes will vary in style, postures, and methods, depending on the instructor's background and expertise.

Our Gentle Yoga class is best associated with a Yin Yoga or Resorative Yoga class. We will focus on breathing, stretching, relaxing, honoring, and understanding our bodies. Gentle Yoga is a slower paced class, suitable for beginners, seniors, or those with past injuries or health concerns. However, no matter what your "level" or body type, anyone will benefit from setting an hour aside for self care and better health.

Our Yoga Flow class is best associated with a Vinyasa Yoga class. We will focus on moving in and out of postures in sync with our breath, highlighting flexibilty and proper technique for challenging postures. Yoga Flow is a faster paced class than our mixed-level Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes, not recommended for those with past injuries or health concerns. We will explore many active postures involving balance, strength, and agility.

On the Ball is a Yoga class with a functional fitness focus. Explore some of your favorite Yoga poses with the use of an exercise ball, also known as a "balance ball". We will focus on core strength, balance, agility, stability, and flexibility. On the Ball is recommended for anyone who is already familiar with common Yoga postures and techniques, this equipment will bring an extra dimension of challenge to your Yoga practice.

Zumba® is a popular high-energy dance fitness class, with calorie-burning moves choreographed to a variety of upbeat musical styles from around the world. Do you want to have fun, burn calories, get fit, and learn some new dance moves? What better way to release stress or boredom than to dance, and get fit while doing it! The Zumba® mantra: "Ditch the workout, join the party!"

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Our company is not affiliated with a particular Yoga school or style. Everyone is welcome! We understand that everybody's body is different and we all practice Yoga for different reasons. The style of Yoga will vary per instructor background.

We do not associate Yoga with any religion, but we adhere to the fact that the origins of Yoga come from ancient India, hence embodies Eastern thought, beliefs, and principles. Yoga is a mind-body practice, and in our Western world can be considered as a health or exercise program, for which you must make a time commitment in order to better yourself. Please release any expectations or judgements for yourself, others, or the yoga practice overall.