Yoga in Tempe, Yoga 111 West

Please view the Class Info page for descriptions of each class and more information about our studio, including our studio policies.

Day Date Time Class Name
Monday July 31 Studio Closed No Class
Tuesday August 1 5:30 pm Gentle Yoga
Tuesday August 1 6:45 pm Yoga
Wednesday August 2 12:00 pm Yoga
Wednesday August 2 4:15 pm Yoga Flow / Vinyasa
Wednesday August 2 5:45 pm Zumba® *
Wednesday August 2 7:15 pm Yoga
Thursday August 3 9:30 am Yoga
Thursday August 3 11:00 am Gentle Yoga
Thursday August 3 5:30 pm Yoga / On the Ball
Thursday August 3 6:45 pm Gentle Yoga
Friday August 4 10:45 am Yoga / On the Ball
Friday August 4 12:00 pm Zumba® *
Friday August 4 4:15 pm Gentle Yoga
Friday August 4 5:45 pm Yoga
Saturday August 5 9:30 am Gentle Yoga
Saturday August 5 10:45 am
studio closed
Yoga Flow / Vinyasa
will return next week!
Sunday August 6 No Class Studio Closed
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* Class times and formats are subject to change and/or cancellation, so please continue to check this online schedule daily for updates, and always before arriving to the studio.

* All classes are approximately 55 minutes to 1 hour in length. Please arrive at the studio at least 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled class start time to sign-in, especially on your first visit.

* You do not need to "pre-register" for a class, however generally a minimum of 2 (two) participants must be in attendance for a class to be conducted.

* "(*)" star indicates a class that must have 3 or more attendees to hold the class.

* Private sessions (1 person one-on-one with an instructor) and private group lessons are available in-studio by appointment only. Please email us to schedule a private session.

* We are pleased to offer great rates on drop-ins and monthly passes. Please visit our rates page for more information.

* A dollar amount listed next to a class indicates a special promotional rate class.

* Additional classes will be added to the schedule as the studio grows. Your feedback and suggestions regarding your preferred times and formats is welcome!